Fishing Energy

Fishing Energy (or Nets) is a minor currency that is used for Fishing. Fishing Energy is given to the player at a rate of 1 every 30 minutes. If the player has 100 or more Fishing Energy, they will be unable to get any more Fishing Energy regenerated. This cap can be increased through an Ascension Upgrade and an Account Upgrade to a maximum of 500. Purchased nets do not affect the cap. There is a notification when the player has at least 98 energy.

Fishing Energy Fishing Energy can also be purchased from the shop and gained from random codes. Five Fishing Energy is rewarded in the 5th Chest claim.

Fishing Energy Cost
Energy Fishing Energy Diamond Cost Diamond Diamond/Energy
10 250 25 D/E
50 1,000 20 D/E
100 1,800 18 D/E
500 7,000 14 D/E
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