Easter Event 2015Edit

Easter Event Code

Easter Event Code 2015

  • +20% XP/GP Easter Event Bonus
  • New Easter Event Challenge
  • New Easter Event Hidden Eggs
  • New Easter Event Secret Mob Rewards
Events Code: 292621D8E716B02EC0DA35256A998D

This event contains an Easter Pack, which can be bought only 2 times.

Easter Eggin Challenge Edit


Easter Eggin is a new challenge that can be done in 5x3 difficulties/modes for earning Event Points. It is different from other challenges because of the Candy RUSH difficulty. Creatures have a bigger amount of Health Points and can be killed in 600 seconds, but also the damage dealt by players is increased especially on the Splat skill.

Each challenge completed will reward 1 Event Point EP.

Hidden Easter Eggs Edit

12 Easter Eggs have been hidden in the game; clicking on them will award players with 1 Event Point EP each. Their locations are:

Egg Location
Egg1 Planet Selection (At the bottom left)
Egg2 Tree Cutting (On the left of the tree)
Egg3 Forest Selection (Behind a tree)
Egg4 Top Ranks (Under Woodcutting Rank button)
Egg5 Support Level (At the bottom right)
Egg6 Shop (Between Pets and Premium buttons)
Egg7 Rewards (After getting any reward)
Egg8 Mining Upgrades (Behind the Mining Upgrades text)
Egg9 Obtained after using April Fools' Day code
Egg10 Payment Dialog (Need to allow popups and disable AdBlock)
Egg11 Daily Login (On the daily login screen at the top left)
Egg12 Challenge Queue (After joining a group challenge)

Secret Mob Rewards Edit

There are nine secret event point rewards earned by killing a specific creature on each planet. Players will be rewarded with 1 Event Point EP, some Gold Goldand 5 AP AP for each creature defeated.

Planet Zone Creature
Alpha 6 Obnoxious Monkey
Beta 2 Frost Spider
Gamma 14 Fester
Delta 5 Squll
Epsilon 11 Dracusir
Zeta 10 Cytroll Leader
Eta 6 Bacterial Agent F
Theta 10 Come in Pieces
Iota 18 Deathatron Scout