The game uses several currencies, mainly used to purchase Upgrades.

Main CurrenciesEdit



(For more information on gold, see the full article: Gold.)

Gold is the primary currency in Idle Online Universe. It can be obtained by killing Creatures, claiming Chests, sending Expeditions, or selling Logs, and is used to buy most of the upgrades in the game.

Activity PointsEdit


(For more information on activity points, see the full article: Activity Points.)

Activity Points, also called AP, can be obtained when clearing a zone in a World, claiming Chests, sending Expeditions, or by purchasing with Diamonds. They are used in place of Gold to buy several upgrades.



(For more information on diamonds, see the full article: Diamonds.)

Diamonds are the premium currency and can be purchased with real life money. Diamonds can also be obtained by doing Expeditions, claiming Chests, or by completing a Hunting zone. You can trade diamonds for Activity Points, buy more Woodcutting/Mining/Fishing Energy, or use them to get Account (VIP) upgrades. When a certain number of total Diamonds gathered is reached, a new Support Level can be earned.

Secondary CurrenciesEdit





Event CurrenciesEdit

Currencies that are used only in Events.

Converting CurrenciesEdit

Currency Sell Buy
Diamonds Not Sellable Various $ amounts
Energy Not Sellable 10 Diamonds each
Stone 1,000 Gold Not Purchasable
Wood 1,000 Gold Not Purchasable
AP Not Sellable 5 Diamonds each
Pet Food Not Sellable 5 AP each
Crystals 100,000 Gold Not Purchasable
Dynamite Not Sellable 50 AP each
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