In-game chat is opened through the button at the bottom right of the game screen. Chat has tabs for Challenge queue, Party, and Guild, where applicable, as well as World chat and Private Messages (PMs). The button has a notification when there are new messages, except for World chat.

Guild Chat also shows notifications when members donate to Guild Buildings or upgrade them, and when players join or leave the guild. These notifications are only shown to currently online users and can be turned off in the Settings. Other messages are stored for a limited time and shown when members open chat, but occasionally reset.

The colored squares at the top left of the window change the chat theme (color scheme).

You can click on a player's name in chat to "inspect" them.

The following commands can be used in chat:

  • Clear chat: /cls or /clear
  • Copy chat contents to keyboard: /c or /copy
  • Fix possible guild list bugs: /fix2
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"Chat" can also refer to the official IOU Discord server.

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