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Cards or Collectibles are special drops obtained randomly when killing Creatures while Hunting. Every creature has their own card for a total of 170 unique Cards.

After a certain Card Milestone is reached for each card, players are awarded with a damage bonus.

Drop Rate[]

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The higher the Ascension tier a player is, the easier it is to drop cards from creatures. The drop chance is: an Exponential Distribution. This has the consequence that the probability of getting a card in the next 100 monsters is independent of how many previous monsters you fought, this is called a  memory-less probability distributions. The probability of it taking more than the mean drop rate is constant at 36.79% probability of it taking more than twice the mean is 13.53%, Level advantages are shown in the graph and table.

Probability of getting a card before killing x monsters

Ascension Tier Drop Rate PDF Chance of card being dropped before 100 monsters Chance of card being dropped before 250 monsters Chance it takes over 500 monsters
Unascended 1 / 2500 (E^(-x/2500))/2500 3.92% 9.51% 81.87%
1st Ascension 1 / 1500 (E^(-x/1500))/1500 6.45% 15.38% 71.65%
2nd Ascension 1 / 750 (E^(-x/750))/750 12.48% 28.34% 51.34%
Inferno Tier 1 / 500 (E^(-x/500))/500 18.13% 39.35% 36.79%

A 2x Card Drop Bonus can be bought for 250 Diamonds and lasts 7 days.

The Amount of Cards Dropped follows this formula:

1 + (Random from 0 to Inferno Tier Level)

It is possible to obtain 2 cards from one drop during Ascensions 1 and 2.

Note: When in a party, the whole party will receive card drops at the same time. The number of cards that drop, however, is dependent on a random generator and therefore is different for each player.

Card Packs[]

Players can also collect cards by opening card packs. You collect 50% of the cards from a pack as a card you select, 30% as a random card, and 20% as another random card. You can get bonus cards from a pack if your total number of collected cards is over a certain threshold, which ranges from over 62,500 for the Small Pack to over 50,000 for the Inferno Pack.

Sources of card packs are:

Note: It is more efficient to only use packs on Bosses.

Pack Name Total Cards Gained Selected Card Gained Random #1 Gained Random #2 Gained Percentage threshold
Tiny 10 5 3 2 N/A
Small 50 or 0.08% of total cards,

whichever is greater

25 15 10 62,500
Medium 100 or 0.168% of total cards,

whichever is greater

50 30 20 59,524
Large 250 or 0.44% of total cards,

whichever is greater

125 75 50 56,819
Jumbo 500 or 0.92% of total cards,

whichever is greater

250 150 100 54,348
Gigantic 1000 or 1.9% of total cards,

whichever is greater

500 300 200 52,632
Inferno 2000 or 4% of total cards,

whichever is greater

1000 600 400 50,000

Card Packs can also be obtained by exchanging Tiny Packs or buying them directly with Diamonds, at the following rates.

Pack Name Tiny Packs Diamonds Diamonds
Tiny N/A 100
Small 5 500
Medium 10 1000
Large 26 2500
Jumbo 54 5000
Gigantic 110 10,000
Inferno 225 20,000