Ascension Point

Ascension Points are a minor currency in Idle Online Universe. They are used for Ascension Upgrades.

Ascension points are gained after every Ascension (10/15/15), 1 per Inferno Level and after level 1000 an extra 25 per 100 levels, 2 per VIP ascension points upgrade, 10 per space lab ascension upgrade, 20 per 100 Event Points, 3 per guild Fortress level and more from guild level bonuses.

An ascension upgrade can be downgraded every 12 hours and 3 downgrades can be stored. The downgrade returns the ascension points invested. Example: you upgrade Auto Damage from level 11 to 12, now you can use a downgrade on it from 12 to 11 and get 24 points back.

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