Ascension is a feature intended to extend the enjoyment of Idle Online Universe for middle and high level players, allowing them to fight the list of Creatures again at a harder level. The ascension system also adds new Worlds available to play and unlocks some special upgrades.

After ascending, the Worlds/Zones progression is reset, sending the player back to World Alpha, but keeping every currency (Gold, AP, etc.) and upgrade purchased that the player has. After ascension, all the Creatures get an increase in their levels.

Ascension rewards the player with Ascension Points that may be spent for Ascension Upgrades. Since Ascension Points are scarce, it is advisable to analyze all the options well before spending them.

After the 1st Ascension, players can get a second pet at the price of 25 AP. The 3rd, and final, Ascension unlocks Inferno Mode.

At level 1000, the Legendary system is unlocked along with Legendary Upgrades.

To ascend, a player must have reached a minimum level requirement and must completely finish all the Worlds available to them. Requirements to ascend differ for each of the ascensions as shown here:

Ascension Tier Minimum Level World Finished Ascension Points
1st Ascension 40 Epsilon 10
2nd Ascension 75 Eta 15
3rd Ascension 130 Kappa 15
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