Artifacts are only available to unlock in monthly Events and provide various bonuses. They were first introduced in patch v0.99.55. Artifacts are leveled up with Artifact XP, which is also gained from events (granted retroactively to all participants). Some base experience is also granted for each artifact. Artifact XP distribution can be reset once every seven days. Hover over an artifact's image to see the date you earned it. Artifact XP is increased by 2.5% for each Lineage Level.


Image Name Effect (Base) Increase Per Level Released
Frowns Mask +4% Card Yield +0.25% Halloween Event 2018

25 Blue Candies and level 500

Santa Globe +4% Gold Yield +0.25% Taking Down Santa Event 2018
Gold Dragon +4% Gold Logs +0.25% New Year Event 2019

Spend 4000 Invest Points

Fish Tastiness +4% Fish Quality +0.25% Global Warming Event 2019

Reach tier 20

Clean Energy +4% Fish Min Quality
Also increases the doubling chance by a small amount
+0.25% Clean Energy Event 2019

Complete first playthrough

Match3 NRG +4 Fish/Wood/Mine NRG each day (rounded down) +0.25 Match 3 Event 2019

Complete the event

Upgrade Cost

The base upgrade cost is 500. The cost of each level increases by this amount. Every ten levels, ten times the increment is added to the cost and the increment increases by 500. The formula for upgrade cost is 500*level*ceiling(level/10).

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