Idle Online Universe Wiki

These are your main options when you enter the world of Idle Online Universe (IOU). You can also use Keyboard Shortcuts to access screens quickly.


Hunting is the main activity of Idle Online Universe, and the main source of Gold. Hunting always happens in one of ten Worlds, which can be traveled to by clicking this icon.


Woodcutting is an area where the player can obtain Logs.


Mining is a system that allows the player to gain Stones and Crystals.


Expeditions are journeys on which you can send a ship in search of various currencies, also earning Expedition Points to upgrade your ships. This also includes the Ship Arena and Upgrade Lab.


Challenges is a special game mode that rewards Challenge Points, which when reaching certain numbers, reward Challenge Milestones and extra base damage.


Fishing allows you to farm for fish, a resource used to get sacrificial offerings.


The Orbs page allows you to unlock various soul orbs. You can make sacrifices to these orbs to gain bonuses in various areas.


Cards is a system that allows players to gain damage bonuses for collecting cards either from packs or through random drops from Creatures.


Artifacts are rare items collected from monthly events that provide various bonuses.